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There is a place that everyone knows, many have been to, many live there but they will not speak its name. It’s a place where the dead can come back to life, a place where you meet a friend who may not know you, where an unknown evil may try and take your life only for an unknown good to swoop in and save you.

A place between heaven, hell and all those other places where good and evil reside. It is the house you live in, the ground you walk on, the ship you sail or fly. It is the playground where good battles evil and you are just the pawns in the never ending battle for dominance.

It is a place where the Nexus runs, and the souls dwell, it is inside of you.

All kinda live here, human, demon vampire and god, but the strange thing is that you never see the same person twice, no matter how the nexus bring them. One may die and another appears, but who knows what they have lived through?

This place is New York.

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